NICHOLAS SYMONS (1534 - 1615)

Born 1534
Died January 1616
Married Isabella, January 19th, 1570, at Hardwicke Church.
Nicholas and Isabella had 3 daughters and 6 sons.

  • Richard Symons, christened at Hardwick 13th May 1571, married Elizabeth Wallis on 26th October 1600, and had 3 children;
  • Edward (or Edmund) Symons, born 1572, married Marie Hobcroft 30th May 1602, and had 3 children. Died in 1655;
  • Nicholas Symons, born in 1575, died in infancy;
  • Daniell Symons, Christened at Hardwick 25th February 1577, married in 1618 and had 4 sons;
  • John Symons, born 1581, married Margaret Rawlins at Hardwick 26th October 1612, with 4 children;
  • Steven Symons, born ?, married Margaret Goodspede at Aylesbury on 7 June 1613, with children;
  • Alice Symons, Christened at Hardwick 21st August 1575, married Wooddardes, and had 2 daughters, Barbara and Mary;
  • Quinborough Symons, Christened at Hardwick on 24th April 1580, married Leavage and had 2 children;
  • Jane Symons, Christened at Hardwick on 2nd June 1611, married Chandler with at least 2 children.

Nicholas succeeded to the "Loves" farmstead, but with the earlier misfortunes of his family, had little else to his name. Nicholas did not marry until late in his life (aged 36), but his young wife still provided him with a family of six sons and three daughters.

Like his grandfather, he lived to a great age for the times. Available records show that the spelling of the surname took various forms in those early periods.

After his early struggles against the family misfortunes, Nicholas began to see some improvements in the family estate. Records cannot confirm whether his elder son either left the village, or pre-deceased his father, however, the farmstead of "Loves" passed on the death of Nicholas’ widow, Isabella, to their second son, EDWARD (who was also known as EDMUND).

Nicholas's Will survives to this day, and the transcript of his will is as follows:

In the name of God Amen: On the fifth daie of September of the year 1613: I Nicholas Symons of Weedon in the parish of Hardwick make this my last will and testament in manner and form following:
First I commend my soule into the hands of Allmighty God, trusting to be saved by the death and meritt of Jesus Christ my only Saviour, and my bodie to the earth in sure hope of the resurrection: and all my worldly goodes which God hath lent me I bequeath in manner as followeth:
First I give and bequeath to Richard Symons my sonne xij d. (twelve pence), and to his three chilldren ether of them xij d.
I give to Daniell Symons xij d.
Item, I give to my sonne Edward Symons xij d. And to his three children xij d. ether of them.
Item, I give to John Symons xij d. and to his chilldren xij d,
Item, I give to Steven Symons xij d. and to his chilldren xij d.
Item, I bequeath to my daughter Alice Wooddardes xij d., and to her daughter Barbara one lambe and xij d., and to her daughter Mary xij d.
Item, I bequeath to Quinborough Leavage xij d. and to her twoe chilldren ether of them xij d.
Item, I bequeath to my daughter Jane xij d. and to her childe xij d.
All the rest of my goodes I bequeath wholy to my lovinge wife Isabell whom I make executrix of this my last will and testament, willing her to pay my chilldren their legacies within one weeke after my departure, and truly pay my other debtes with such convenient speede as by God's helpe she shall be able, and I make Michaell Batson overseer of this my last will and testament: in witness whereof I have caused there presentes to be written, the daie and year above said.
Witnesses hereunto William Hogg minister and Michaell Batson.

(Probated January 1615. LDS film # 1042449. Buckinghamshire Wills 1613\1617.)