JOHN SEMANS the Second (1495 - 1537)

Born c.1495 in Weedon, Bucks., England

Died October, 1537.

Married Margaret, 1533.

John and Margaret had 3 children:


  • Nicholas born 1534, died 1616
  • James born 1535, died 1559    
  • John born circa 1537, died 1559    

On John's marriage to Margaret in 1533, his father provided them with a farmstead at Weedon. This farmstead was known as "Loves", as generations earlier it had been held by the Love family. The farmstead remained in the Seamons' family for ten generations, until the copyhold rights were sold to Henry Cazenove Esq., who had acquired the "Lillies" mansion and wanted further ownership of almost all of the surrounding properties. "Loves" was sold for £650 in 1876, having been in the Seamons' family possession for over 340 years.

"Loves" homestead in Weedon, Bucks. This picture was taken in 2002 following the substantial renovations having been made to the home throughout the centuries. This home remained in the Seamons' family for over 340 years. The home stands on the corner of New Rd and High St Weedon. This view is looking up High St from Stockaway.
[Photo© by courtesy of Doreen James (nee Seamons)]

John had three sons, however his untimely death at the age of 42, left these young children in the care of their mother from 1537. The young, fatherless children could have expected to have a difficult childhood, not helped by the fact that upon John the First's death, there was nothing willed to the young family. However, their mother, Margaret, received an offer of marriage 18 months after John's death, and married Edward Hilsden in 1539. Edward died in late 1558, before Margaret's death in 1566, leaving her a widow for a second time.

Two of the sons, John and James, pre-deceased their mother, through deaths during their early twenties. Records from the time show that both of these sons died in a pestilence which swept through the Weedon village during 1558/59. Both sons died during the month of March, 1559. The only surviving son, Nicholas, provided the continuity of the family line, and lived to an age of 81 years.