Born in 1691 at Weedon, Bucks, England.
Christened at Hardwick on 21st June 1691 (along with his twin brother)
Died 1753.
Married Elizabeth Grace in 1718.
(Elizabeth was born on 4 August, 1703 at Grendon Underwood, Bucks, England).
James and Elizabeth had three sons and three daughters:

  • Elizabeth, Christened at Hardwick on 10 May 1719;
  • John, born 1720, Christened at Hardwick on 28 August 1720, married Hannah Turpin at Aylesbury on 26 February 1754, and died in 1805;
  • James, Christened at Hardwick on 19 May 1723, married Elizabeth Simpson at Hardwick on 19 May 1754 and had 2 children; date of death unknown;
  • Joyce, Christened at Hardwick on 13 March 1725, date of death unknown;
  • Sarah, Christened at Hardwick on 14 May 1727, married Henry Lee in Aylesbury on 17 August 1749, date of death unknown; and
  • Joseph, Christened at Hardwick on 14 March 1730, died 11 July 1779.

Twin James, the youngest of the five sons of Big John, settled at Weedon and married into a well known family in the Vale of Aylesbury. At one point, he was almost the leading farmer in Weedon, but as had happened to some of his forefathers, it would seem that with him prosperity for the family ultimately declined, rather than increased. Nevertheless, it was by him that the family name survived in the Weedon area.

The last of the male descent by his oldest brother (another John) died in 1817; the second brother, Michael, died unmarried at 28 years of age. The third, Joseph, died in 1741 and left no sons. The twin, William, married and left Weedon. By 1820, the surname lingered in Weedon only through twin James' descendants. Though James himself had three sons, only two of them left surviving sons. The middle son, James, had a son, also named James, however no trace has been found of any family to this son.The only continuing line of descendants came from the eldest son, John,  who in this line of descent may be called John Seamons the Fourth.